Professional Xenon Model




                         Adjustable pulse rate from  2 - 20 per second
                            Internal Cooling Fan
                       Six feet of flexible 1/4" optical light guide
Removable Cone Tip allows 1/4" or 2mm light flow
                       Cushioned Comfortable Handpiece
                            Xenon Light Source (rated 100 Million flashes)
Slot to allow fast and easy color slide changes

The Optic Cable may be easily separated from the light box using the set screw located at the bottom of the connecting adaptor ring.

This unit comes with a full One Year Warranty and a set of 12 color Gel Slides

The cone tip slides on and off, allowing use of the full 1/4" light flow (pictured below)


Attachments and Options


For those who wish to use a  Crystal Tip  we offer a large natural clear quartz  crystal. The crystals are cut and polished in Tibet or India.   It is embedded in the foam hand cushion and may be gently pressed onto the end of the optic fiber cable when needed.  The light passes through the crystal and is quite beautiful using the colored gels - especially using the custom set of slides because they are lighter.


$50.each -  the size is somewhat smaller than what is pictured - our supplier in India cannot get the larger ones that we charged $100 for.

Parabolic Lens

The Parabolic Lens slips onto the end of the optic fiber once the foam hand cushion is removed.  It helps the light keep from escaping and focuses the light onto the skin.

$25 plus $5 shipping