Using Safe Full Spectrum Light to Restore the Glow and Beauty of Youth

The same devices as the Photon Stimulators

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  • Energizes Cells

  • Reduces the Effects of Aging

  • Increases Transcellular Permeability

  • Reduces the Effects of Oxidation

  • Improves Intercellular Communication and Waste Removal

  • Lightens Dark Spots

  • Helps Lift Sagging Skin

  • Decreases Puffiness

  • Improves Lymphatic Drainage

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • You Will Notice a Difference After the First Treatment!

  • Balances Eight Major  Acupuncture Meridians - with Accompanying Health Benefits

  • Can Be Used As Effectively Anywhere on the Body 

  • Xenon Model

2 Models

Xenon or  LED  Light Sources



   LED Model   $1895.


 Parabolic Lens Attachment
Spreads the Light Evenly on the Face

Attaches to the end of the Optic Fiber


  • The Aura-Glo uses Safe Xenon  or LED Full-Spectrum Light and Six Feet of Optic Light Guide 

Removable Cone Tip allows you to treat small areas and acupuncture points.

When the tip is removed the light can be broadcast onto larger areas of the face and skin.

  • Relaxes and Improves Muscle tone

  • De-stresses the entire body

  • Increases Circulation

The Aura-Glo has been successful with reducing symptoms associated with rosacea,  acne, and pimples.
The Aura-Glo helps the body heal itself
Heartrate Variability studies have consistently demonstrated that the Aura-Glo moves the body into the Parasympathetic aspect of the Sympathetic Nervous System - thus achieving increased relaxation, and overall health.

The Aura-Glo is easy to use - no training required.   It comes with an easy to follow instruction manual which discusses pulse rate,  color choices, and how to apply the colored light to the face.


It comes with a full One-Year Warranty.

Instruction Manual

Set of 12 color Gel Slides

The Aura-Glo and Hydro-Glo Systems represent the state of the art means of accomplishing facial enhancement.  For those who are chemically or environmentally sensitive and for anyone wishing to li



The Aura-Glo requires no trainingThis saves you time and money.
Of course some will feel confident faster than others. If you generally question how good you are, then the same would hold true when using the Aura-Glo.  Some are confident with anything they are using.  But be assured, we are here to help with any questions and support we can offer to make you confident faster.  To operate:

1. You turn the switch on the back on.
2.  Adjust the pulse rate.
3.  Pick a color and place it in the slot at the top of the Aura-Glo.
4.  You hold the light from 1/2"  to 1 1/2" above the skin - moving in small circles  and following the facial chart  in the manual.  After you get used to using it you can adjust the manual's protocols if you wish.

Acupuncture Meridians and Points are part of the body, just like your nervous system.  They do not belong only to the study of oriental medicine or use by acupuncturists.  Ancient acupuncture systems used needles (which stimulate biophotonic emissions) because they did not have light systems available at the time. Light works in a much faster, and easier way than metal needles.

Meridians are the original pathways of electron flows from the sun.  Electrons moved in during the day and moved out into the sky at night.  If the earth did not move we would be baked or frozen. This electron movement when encapsulated, formed the energetic pathways (meridians) which nourished and allowed the development of all internal organs and systems.

The point in describing this is that you do not need to learn esoteric Oriental Medical theories, or  five element theory. etc.. You just need to place light on the  meridian points.   Russian research in the late 1970's found that the only places on the body that absorb light deeply are the meridians and they act like optic fiber. Current research shows that light interacts with the body in a number of dynamic ways.  It energizes cells, increases transcellular permeability, assists with removing free radicals, reestablishes the body's connective tissue communication network.  One of the most dramatic effects is that the blue range of light takes one out of the stress mode (Sympathetic Nervous System) and allows the body to start healing itself. The name will probably change in the future from acupuncture points to "Light Receptor Points".

Chakras  The Aura-Glo is also perfectly suited for those wishing to apply light to chakra points.  Energy vortexes are created as a result of moving liquids, moving gasses, and moving nerve energy.  The heart area is sensed as the largest chakra because of moving bronchial gasses, and moving heart pumped blood.   Many have felt improvement in sleep, energy levels, and ability to focus as a result of applying light to chakra points.  The Aura-Glo crystal tip is ideal for chakra applications. 

l results may vary depending on age, and type of skin.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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